Inspirational Photos for Patients

I’ve taken quite a few photos over the years. Hopefully those below deliver some inspiration for those in physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional pain….


Bean Rabinski: Brainiac Master of Teen Social Media.



Young stoners on Mount Tabor in Portland, 4/20/16.



Clone room at a 40,000 sq. ft. Eugene, Oregon cultivation facility.



The vampire bar in Austin, Texas.


Eddy Lepp displays the fattie winner at the rolling contest

Eddy Lepp rolls them fat—and fast.



Cleveland, Ohio in the spring.  Some of my first published macro shots.



Sungrown, organic cannabis from Humboldt County, California.


Two for the road, Northern Cali style

Two rolled by Eddy Lepp in Lake Co., California (2006)



The Yeti at the NW Cannabis Club in Portland, April 2016.



Grow room in Humboldt County, California.



Some of my fave pot mags, as seen in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 2007.



One of my better photos; Toronto Budbabes (2007).



Grinding in Portland, Oregon at the Northwest Cannabis Club. Thanks to owner Mike.



The gears that propel the carbon fiber ballerina.


gooey-rabinski-freelance-writing-and-photography-gooeyrabinski dot com

Bean Rabinski: The Brainiac Master of Teen Social Media.



More enlightened places. I moved to the West Coast for legal cannabis.


Herer demonstrating his pipe at a trade show in San Francisco

The late Jack Herer in San Francisco (2006). He had a strong handshake.



Humboldt County, California, outside Fortuna (2006).



Bushy Old Grower: Great California cannabis breeding.



Nice. More from Humboldt County, California.



Gorgeous indoor bud grown in living organic soil from Humboldt County, California.


4 thoughts on “Inspirational Photos for Patients

  1. Your work is inspirational, and is the representation of compassionate knowledge. Your photography lends us your eyes and helps your readers not only to think what you think, but to see what you see. You really know how to engage your fans and nothing could be more inspiring than this. You really cannot be anymore clever my friend! Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and for displaying them through your vision. This is something to be cherished, and you can assure I do. ❤


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