Gooey’s Coffee Shop Cannabis, Part 2

In this series, I’ll take exactly 420 words of your day to discuss social, political, and legal topics related to the business and science of the emerging cannabis industry. I promise to address any feedback in the comments.

Rock and roll, boys and girls. I’m celebrating five weeks in Los Angeles and have noted a few things about working in this city.

I moved to L.A. for my career, plain and simple. While not my motive in relocating, I happily indulge in the plentiful pampered Porsches and nearly perfect weather offered by Southern California. For those of you who have never visited SoCal: The weather and the people are even more beautiful than you have been led to believe.

There are 13 million residents of the City of Angels. The energy is intense. For every client that doesn’t sign on, there’s several others who are in need of one’s services. It’s just a matter of swimming through the Ferraris, hipster cafes, and plastic surgery clinics to find them.

This week I focused on networking. The standout event was the Cannabis Business Mixer organized by Kalogia, an online community that connects cannabis professionals and advocates in the green economy. It organizes events to allow its members to meet, both online and offline.

The enterprising entrepreneur behind Kalogia is Simone Cimiluca Radzins in Los Angeles. Judging by the professionalism and authenticity of the members in attendance at this week’s event, she’s very good at what she does.  The rooftop event, with music, wine, and plenty of smiling faces, put attendees at ease.

Standing in a room with dozens of innovative founders of businesses in the cannabis industry is exciting. There’s a buzz in the room…and I’m not talking about that buzz.

In a stagnant economy that has been on the ropes for more than a decade in the United States, progressive-minded solopreneurs and entrepreneurs are finding hope in the emerging greenrush. Despite a lack of merchant banking, insurance headaches, punitive and illogical regulations, and sometimes vociferous opposition at the federal level, those who wish to make their living helping create a better world are getting very excited.

One standout attendee at the Cannabis Business Mixer was Medusa Labs from Los Angeles. Led by young, smart entrepreneurs, the company is focused on purity, medical efficacy, and sustainable practices. And it’s golden concentrate is the bomb (the terpene profile is amazing). More about these SoCal concentrate wizards in the future.

So what’s on your mind? Let me know in the comments.

— Gooey Rabinski

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Gooey Rabinski is a technical writer, photographer, and compliance documentation specialist for cannabis businesses who has contributed feature articles to magazines and media outlets such as High Times, CannaBiz Journal, MERRY JANEEmerald Magazine, Grow Magazine, Herb.coThe KindSkunk, Cannabis Culture, WhaxyHeads, Weed World, Green Flower MediaCannabis HBK11RenderHealth Journal, Green Thumb, and Treating Yourself.

He is the author of Understanding Medical Marijuana, available on Amazon Kindle.

His cannabis-related freelance photos, spanning back more than a decade, are available on Instagram and Flickr. He tweets from @GooeyRabinski.


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