In Honor of #TerpeneTuesday

“Gooey Rabinski is the godfather of terpenes. Excellent resource material.” — Lieze Boshoff, 2017.

My hashtag #TerpeneTuesday has become popular on social media (particularly Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn).A few of my followers commented that I have many articles regarding terpenes, the aromatic molecules in cannabis that have been found to possess some relatively surprising medicinal efficacies.

Because these articles have been published by several different media outlets (making it confusing for my readers), I’ve assembled links to them below. And don’t forget to subscribe to to get alerts when I win an altercation with writer’s block.

Learn + teach others.

Gooey Rabinski

P.S.: Don’t forget to purchase my Understanding Medical Marijuana e-book. $5 on Amazon. Cheaper than a beer in Los Angeles and significantly more educational.

  1. Beta Caryophyllene (BCP): Cancer-Fighting Terpene
  2. Borneol: Another Powerful Cancer-killing Terpene
  3. Camphene: The Cannabis Terpene that Fights Cardiovascular Disease
  4. Cannabis Terpenes: More Than Strong Odors
  5. Cannabis Terpenes Offer Therapeutic Efficacy
  6. Cineole: The Memory-enhancing Terpene that Could Cure Alzheimer’s
  7. Delta 3 Carene: The Anti-inflammatory Bone Repairing Terpene
  8. Humulene: The Anti-inflammatory Cancer Killing Terpene that Smells Like Beer
  9. Limonene: The Terpene that Relieves Depression and Kills Cancer
  10. Limonene: Anti-cancer Terpene
  11. Linalool Cannabis Terpene
  12. Myrcene: Synergistic Cannabis Terpene
  13. Myrcene: The Powerful Terpene that Can Kill Cancer
  14. Pinene: Cancer-killing, Memory-enhancing Terpene
  15. Terpineol: The Tumor-killing Terpene that Fights Cancer
  16. Terpinolene: The Anti-cancer Terpene that Fights Insomnia
  17. Understanding the Cannabis Terpene Pinene
  18. What Do Beer and Cannabis Have in Common? Terpenes
  19. Why Terpenes are So Important

All text and photos, unless otherwise noted, Copyright © 2003-2018 Gooey Rabinski. All Rights Reserved.

Gooey Rabinski is a technical writer, photographer, and compliance documentation specialist for cannabis businesses who has contributed feature articles to magazines and media outlets such as High Times, CannaBiz Journal, MERRY JANEEmerald Magazine, Grow Magazine, Herb.coThe KindSkunk, Cannabis Culture, WhaxyHeads, Weed World, Green Flower MediaCannabis HBK11RenderHealth Journal, Green Thumb, and Treating Yourself.

He is the author of Understanding Medical Marijuana, available on Amazon Kindle.

His cannabis-related freelance photos, spanning back more than a decade, are available on Instagram and Flickr. He tweets from @GooeyRabinski.


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