About Gooey Rabinski

Gooey Rabinski is a senior technical writer, instructional designer, and photographer who specializes in compliance documentation for legal cannabis businesses throughout the United States. This includes the strategic development of applications for permits and licenses (at all jurisdictional levels), as well as business plans and operational plans.

He has written 38 books, most in the information technology segment. He has also produced more than 700 training videos for Fortune 200 software developers and IT professionals.

“Gooey Rabinski from California is an encyclopedia of cannabis knowledge.” — Ian Jessop, Cannabis Health Radio, 2017

Rabinski has developed more than 130 cannabis permit applications at the municipal, county, and state levels. This includes applications in Indiana, Maryland, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania—as well as more than 100 county-level cultivation applications in Humboldt County, California.

Gooey Rabinski in Los Angeles, California.

Rabinski’s clients have included Green Rush ConsultingDenver Relief Consulting, AgDynamix, Liberty Holistic Healing, Leaf Concepts, and the Law Offices of Bruce M. Margolin.

Since 2004, Rabinski has contributed long-form articles to media outlets such as High Times, Skunk, Cannabis CultureWhaxy, Green Flower MediaHeads, Emerald MagazineWeed World, MERRY JANE, WoahStorkCannabis Health Journal, Herb.co, and Green Thumb.

Gooey Rabinski is author of Understanding Medical Marijuana, available on Amazon Kindle. 

“Great book! So informative, especially on the historical details!” — Andreas Mueller, Grünbühl, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

Rabinski’s photography, including archive shots from freelance assignments for popular cannabis magazines, can be found on Instagram. He tweets from @GooeyRabinski.


An organic craft cannabis garden in Humboldt County, California.


39 thoughts on “About Gooey Rabinski

  1. I love your writing having discovered it on Whaxy. I just bought your book “Understanding Medical Marijuana” on Amazon this evening. I decided to buy it after reading 2 pages of the sample I got online. You have a wonderfully powerful but understated way of making your points. I am the Outreach Manager at the Bright Moments Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Hamilton, Ontario. The only one in the City at this time. I am using your Whaxy articles to guide me to the science as I approach local help groups to reach out to their members. I want to lead my efforts with the science, that’s how I get my foot into the door, you help me to do that and our thinking is very much alike! Thank you Gooey.


    • Jwilbur: Thank you for your kind comments. While I am certainly biased, I would like to believe that so many of the world’s problems could be solved if only the masses, the average voter or tax payer or employee, had more science-based, real-world knowledge. Thankfully, the internet helps expedite this mass education. Thank you for your warm feedback, J, and good luck in Hamilton. I have visited your fine city many times, always smoking and vaping some killer kind herb due to the hospitality of my Canadian friends. Wonderful memories.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Gooey, this is Eric with Brotato Games. I love your website and was hoping you could do a piece about my friend and I and how we create chill “smoking” games for like-minded individuals to enjoy. We’re even running a kickstarter right now to gain support for our latest endeavour. If you’d like to help, I can even send you a pdf copy of the game for your enjoyment.

    Thanks a million,


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